Black Sky “The Witness”

The début video from Black Sky, dude is improving on every track, plus as a rapper/MC, you can’t use the ol’ classic Big L, Jay Z freestyle beat from the Stretch & Bobbito Show and disrespect it with weak ass bars and in my opinion, he came correct…..With that being said, here is his début video…more to come from dude very soon, check out his sound cloud profile for future music and hit him up on twitter


[This is for Free] Presents: SAVE RG3!

…..Robert Griffin III does not deserve to suffer as a Washington Redskin. As someone who has watched many a game over the years in Maryland, the Washington Redskins is the last place I want him to be. He didn’t do anything to get drafted by a team and a franchise that is horrible from top to bottom. I don’t want this glimmer of hope for all of those teams with high draft picks to end up on the destitute land of FedEx Field every Sunday to play for team that are built for failure EVERY YEAR. I would rather he go back to school, get his masters and become a regular family man with a great career than subject himself to such torture to his mind, body and spirit. So please, if you would like to see this man flourish and grow, sign this petition to make sure that the Washington Redskins do not draft Robert Griffin III….Time is of the essence people….Thank you and RG3 thanks you…..

[This is for Free] Presents: Juicy J aka The Old Guy in the Club

…..Yup, its official, Juicy J is officially the old nigga at the club. I officially came to this conclusion right after I finished listening to Wiz’s Taylor Allderdice, I don’t know what he’s doing these days, but to me he looks like he’s tryna keep up w/ the younger crowd and it’s not a good look for him. I can see him wanting to work with Wiz and make some tracks together, but to be signed to Taylor Gang  when Hypnotized Minds has firmly established themselves as one of the best independent labels for years, doesn’t make sense to me.

….. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a sad moment for sir Juicy J, he’s probably making some good money of this deal. It’s more of a moment where I was looking at the news report about him signing to his label & thinking “The fuck for?”. Did anyone pull Mr. Houston to the side and say “Aye mane, this ain’t a good look for you bruh”. Lets not forget that he is considered a southern rap legend thanks to him being in the group Three 6 Mafia, Wiz just cracked stardom and his celebrity is growing rapidly thanks to Kush & OJ, Rolling Papers and His large following of fans that can’t wait for his next move.

…..Juicy J being signed to this label wont last long, I just think that Juicy J is hoping of the hottest train smokin to get that money. I ain’t mad at him for that and he’ll get some different exposure, but with him walking into the situation makes him look like he’s just here to party, smoke and drink with some people over a decade younger than him and there’s no reason for him to do that….other than money of course….but y’all knew that already, y’all smart.

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[This is for Free] Presents: Let me review these mixtapes real quick.

…..Now that the dust has settled from the excitement of these three mixtapes, I’ll give y’all a quick rundown of each one. Hopefully y’all downloaded all of them by now, if not then y’all are missing out.

Action Bronson: Blue Chips

…..Bronson is back with the release of his new mixtape “Blue Chips” and he’s still riding high off his last relase “Well Done” w/ Static Selektah and he has yet to slow down musically as he released another top flight collection of music. This time, Bronson works exclusively with the Party Supplies and they did not disappoint at all. Over 17 tracks, Action Bronson remains on fire, start to finish. It also helps that he has a good sense of timing in his raps, he knows when the track is done, it’s done, which is why most of his tracks are a lil over 2 minutes long and when he has more to say, no more than 4 minutes or so. Kinda like a chef, he knows how to cook his dish, never undercooked, rarely overcooked, just right.

Wiz Khalifa: Taylor Allderdice

…..I’m so glad Wiz came through with this mixtape cause Rolling Papers was straight up possum ass and I didn’t even bother with Cabin Fever beyond that track with Juicy J. 17 tracks, wasn’t overly long, but a good majority of those songs were straight fire. I highly suggest the Wiz work with Jake One in the future because The Grinder is not only the best song on the mixtape, but some of his best work ever. Besides the interview part of the mixtape and Lola Monroe, all the guess contributed greatly on a couple of tracks, but this was Wiz’s show and hopefully he comes out with more quality music like this instead of his Rolling Paper days.

Big K.R.I.T: 4eva N a Day

…..K.R.I.T has been known to drop mixtapes for free that are flat-out better than the albums out for retail and this is no exception. A concept that takes place in the span of a single day, K.R.I.T takes us through the highs and lows of his day only to wake up and do it again on 3 hours of sleep. Now, it’s not as good as his last two projects, but the quality is still high and only made the buzz greater for his upcoming release Live from the Underground bigger than ever. I doubt he will disappoint either.

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Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin [via]

…..Pretty simple here folks. If you read the news reports and was able to listen to the 911 phones recordings, then you know that this is a straight up travesty. Hopefully there’s some real justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

Here’s some people who wrote on the case that added great insight: